Anders Riggelsen

ClickJam Copenhagen



Because the annual Click Convention (London) was been postponed to next year because of the Olympics it was decided to hold a series of small 'Jams' around the world for anyone interested in game development using Multimedia Fusion 2.

Some of you might remember the good old "Klik & Play" program where you could visually design your game with a point a click interface and set up the rules of the game in a very simple way. Many years have passed and Clickteam's products are still going strong. Multimedia Fusion 2 is Clickteam's flagship product which can produce games and apps for PC, iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone, XBOX and more platforms to come very soon - Including Mac, OSX, HTML5 and PS Vita.

Join us at the Copenhagen ClickJam and get a free copy of MMF2 or a discount on MMF2:Developer.

Hope to see you at the Danish ClickJam in Copenhagen!


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Location: Blågårdsgade 3. st, Copenhagen.
Contact: Anders Riggelsen, Mobile: +45 61304429
Date and time: Saturday 18th of August 2012 at 10am (10:00)