Anders Riggelsen

Anders Riggelsen

Books I own

Objective-C - Pocket Reference

Andrew M. Duncan
ISBN 0-596-00423-0

The iPhone Developer's Cookbook

Erica Sadun
ISBN 0-321-65957-0

Avanceret PHP

Christopher Cosentino
ISBN 87-7843-597-8

Computational Geometry - Algorithms and Applications - Third Edition

Mark de Berg, Otfried Cheong, Marc van Kreveld & Mark Overmars
ISBN 978-3-540-77973-5

Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau
ISBN 0-13-102009-9

Distributed Systems - Principles and Paradigms

Andrew S. Tanenbaum & Maarten Van Steen
ISBN 0-13-239227-5

The Essence of Logic

John Kelly
ISBN 0-13-396375-6

Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation

John Martin
ISBN 0-07-119854-7

Calculus - Concepts & Contexts 3

James Stewart
ISBN 0-534-40983-0

Object-Oriented Design & Patterns

Cay Horstmann
ISBN 0-471-74487-5

Objects First with Java

David J. arnes & Michael Kölling
ISBN 0-13-197629-X

Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction

Preece & Rogers & Sharp
ISBN 0-471-49278-7

Operating Systems Principles

Lubomir F. Bic & Alan C. Shav
ISBN 0-13-026611-6

An Introduction to XML and Web Technologies

Anders Møller & Michael Scwartzbach
ISBN 0-321-26966-7

Database Systems: The Complete Book

Hector Garcia-Molina & Jeffrey D. Ullman & Jennifer Widom
ISBN 0-13-098043-9

Concurrency: State Models & Java Programming

Jeff Magee & Jeff Kramer
ISBN 0-470-09355-2

Structured Computer Organization

Andrew S. Tanenbaum
ISBN 0-13-148521-0

Linear Algebra With Applications

Steven J. Leon
ISBN 0-13-200306-6