Anders Riggelsen

Anders Riggelsen

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Anders Riggelsen

Quick info

Name:Anders Riggelsen
Location:Århus, Denmark
Phone:+45 61 30 44 29
Education:Bachelor degree in Computer science
CVR/VAT:DK 32804063

About me

I have experience with C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and I have some knowledge of several scripting languages and tools (like LUA, Python or Ant build scripts)

I have many personal hobby-coding-projects I use to challenge myself and to become better at a certain topic.

For example I have worked on a compiler-like project and a 3D game engine for fun. I love to learn new things and use them for something practical - especially if it can be used to make my life (or others) easier and more exciting. I have also made several websites and extension modules, written in C++/Java/Actionscript3, for a multimedia development tool called Multimedia Fusion 2.

Technical skills


Bachelor degree in Computer ScienceÅrhus Universitet2006 - 2010
HTX (Higher Technical Exam) Tønder2003 - 2006
Agerskov Ungdomsskole (10th grade)2002 - 2003
Højer Ungdomsskole (8-9th grade)2000 - 2002
Arrild Skole (0-7th grade)1991 - 2000