Anders Riggelsen


Here are a few of my many personal projects. I mainly included those who I think would be of interest to others than myself.

Binary File Schema

My home-brewed schema language to define or express the inner structure of a binary file format. The goal is to make opening and parsing binary files easier and more secure at the same time as keeping the schemas simple and human readable.

Visual OpenGL glBlendFunc + glBlendEquation Tool

I recently needed a better overview over how glBlendFunc worked and I wanted a quick and easy way to test all kinds of parameters without having to recompile. It supports all the parameters glBlendFunc() takes and you can also specify a color for glBlendColor.

There is also a checkbox for using premultiplied alpha textures.

Works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE 9

Disk Usage Analyzer .NET

This is a tiny application I made to create a graphical chart over the space-usage of your harddrive and folders. It is heavily inspired by the Disk Usage Analyzer tool (aka. 'Baobab') that comes with Ubuntu.

Now I made that functionality available for all platforms that can run .NET applications. I haven't tested it on a Mac (since I don't have one), but it works well on Linux except for a few GUI issues.

3D-Engine (BaseEngine)

My hobby project; a 3D game engine with many small interesting features.