Anders Riggelsen

Visual glBlendFunc + glBlendEquation Tool

+ glBlendFuncSeparate and glBlendEquationSeparate

Source: (foreground)

Destination: (background)

Blend equation:

Input R = R
Input G G
Input B B
Input A A
  • Image presets
  • Image URLs
  • Blending color


(display image size is 400x400)
Alpha value:

Graphics from

Splash by Richard Mohler
Bisti Badlands by Ben DiAnna
Lazy Days II by boss019
Flamingos by Jestrella
Treetops - Michaux State Forest by Se7en
The Road To Bonneville by Chris F
Clouds Over Water by DerekProspero
Starry Night by ManiDProductions
Mt Rainier from Kerry Park by Jeffery Hayes
Moon Rise by Phil2001
Death Star by unknown (google search)
Thanks to:
Alex Huang for finding a bug in in the math for GL_FUNC_REVERSE_SUBTRACT.
David Geier for finding a bug with GL_SRC_COLOR and alpha values.
John Robinson for finding a bug with the mouse-over explanatory calculations for alpha values.
Mikkel Gjoel for finding the bug that new images wasn't premultiplied if the checkbox was checked.